47 Dirt Easy Money Saving Tips for Everyday Life

There are many ways to save money. In this post we have put together over 60 easy-to-implement savings tips for you. Not every tip fits into every situation, for everyone but this list should be a good starting point if you want to save some money. Following are the 47 quick tips:

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1. Invite friends home instead of going out

Activities at home are almost always cheaper than going out. Together with friends, you can easily conjure a beautiful dish or ask each guest to contribute a small contribution. A fun game, a movie or an animated conversation complete the evening. Self-cooked food is not only cheaper, but with little effort usually much healthier!

2. Ask yourself how much time you are buying

If the 30-day or 10-minute rule does not quite work out to avoid spontaneous purchases, then you should calculate your hourly rate. Exactly, be aware of how much money one hour of your working hours is worth. Withdraw taxes and duties and consider things like commuting time. This will help you understand how long you have to work for a particular product. Mostly, this bill makes many things appear in a different light.

3. Write a shopping list and stick to it

Basically go for shopping only if you know exactly what you need. For regular purchases, always write a grocery list. The only items in the shopping cart are those that are on the list, no matter how tempting the offer appears. For small purchases in the supermarket, you should do without the shopping cart.

4. Clean up your wardrobe

Too often we buy clothes that we do not actually need. If you want to save something or need money quickly, look closer at your closet. There are certainly some pieces that you can sell.

5. Patch holes or broken clothes instead of throwing them away

In the past, garments were repaired much more often. Today they are often thrown away carelessly. Paradoxically, there are also new clothes to buy, which are trimmed to “old”. Why not instead repair broken clothes or make a new one out of two old clothes? Try it! It is much easier than it may seem. So you can quickly save a lot of money, and with a little skill and creativity, you can make yourself garments that your friends will envy. You will save particularly fancy garments with this little trick.

6. Swap clothes instead of buying new ones

Almost everyone knows the problem: the old clothes are just boring and how nice it would be to be able to wear a new piece. The old clothes are still perfectly fine. You can counter this problem with a dress exchange party. Organize with a few friends in a private circle or on a public square. So your “old” treasures continue to be used and you get varied garments.

7. Drink more water and Rescue your wallet

Drinking water often and at the right time is good for your health. But it is also good for the wallet, especially if you do without bottled water and instead resort to tap water. The savings potential is huge! In many restaurants, it is now normal to order tap water for dinner.

8. Refrain from ready meals or delivery services

Instead, cook twice as much as you need! After a long day at work or in the lecture hall, something edible should often be served quickly. Instead of resorting to delivery service or ready meals, cook twice as much as you need more often. So you always have a second meal in the fridge, which can be warmed up quickly.

9. Buy regionally and seasonally

Not always, but often it is cheapest to buy local fruits and vegetables that are currently in season. For example, apples and tomatoes do not have to travel long distances or be kept fresh in cold stores. Let yourself be inspired by our regional and seasonal fruit and vegetable shopping calendar

10. Say goodbye to expensive vices

Habits such as the consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, coffee quickly go into the money. With some willpower and support from friends and family, you will not only live healthier, but also save a lot of money quickly.

11. Make good use of flea markets

Many things for the apartment, the garden or even the wardrobe do not necessarily have to be bought new. Well-preserved second-hand items are usually just as useful and often cost less than half. Inquire about where there are flea markets in your area and where on-line forums have used items nearby. This approach may take a bit more patience than the trip to the next IKEA, but can save you a lot of money. In addition, you will receive things with more character than with standard commodity, which is found in every other household. But beware: flea markets also easily lead to senseless purchases, which one regrets later. Keep a list of things you really need and use the 10-minute rule to make sure you do not spend money unnecessarily.

12. Install LED lamps

LED lamps cost more to buy, but consume only about two to ten percent of the electricity of conventional lamps. As a result, they pay off after only a short time and you can save permanently. In addition, the life of LED bulbs is many times higher than with conventional incandescent or energy-saving lamps.

13. Create your own furniture

If you want to move or reorganize, it does not always have to be new furniture from the Swedish furniture store or similar chains. With some creativity, skill and maybe some help from daddy, you can make fantastic unique pieces yourself. A popular raw material for homemade furniture is pallets.

14. Save gas

If you clean your air filter regularly and replace it every now and then, you save up to seven percent on fuel. This is very easy and done in just a few minutes. In addition to the replacement of the air filter, you should always pay attention to the correct tire pressure, so as not to waste fuel unnecessarily. This is just one of over 15 tips for saving money at the pump.

15. Buy high quality home appliances

Refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, washing machines and other household appliances are often very cheap to buy. But especially with these devices, it is important to pay attention to the costs over the entire lifetime. Reviews and comparison portals with reviews are very useful. A device that costs 100 dollars more, but lasts two years longer and requires 20 percent less power, can save you much more than the 100 dollars.

16. Plan your meals according to the special offers of your supermarket

If your supermarket distributes weekly special offer magazines, use them to set up your menu. Which products are on special offer? Which dishes can you conjure from them? So you can quickly save 10 to 20 percent on food.

17. Check regularly if your supermarket is really cheap

About twice a year, you should check that your supermarket really is your cheapest option. Make a list of 20 to 40 products you regularly buy. Then compare all the supermarkets that are suitable for you. If you find that another market is cheaper, do your weekly shopping from there on. After a few months, however, you should repeat the test.

18. Check regular expenses

Many of the most expensive things in our lives are deducted from our account each month. Rent, electricity, water, mobile phone contracts, insurance, credit installments and much more. You should list these costs at least once every twelve months and check for potential savings.

19. Make products yourself instead of buying them

Instead of buying everything, you can do many things yourself. This saves money and is often good for your health and the environment. Did you know that it’s easy to make your own laundry detergent and save about 80 to 90 percent of the purchase price?

20. Use 100% natural household products

If you like the last tip, you can go one step further. Did you know that you can also do laundry with different plants? From chestnuts, ivy leaves and the leaves and roots of the soap herb you can produce natural detergents almost completely free of charge. Here you will also find tips for making chestnut shampoo and shower gel. With potato peel, lemon zest and even pasta water, you can even cleanse the house.

21. Avoid expensive skin care

As described above, you can make many care products yourself. But you can completely do without some of them. There are a few very simple but important rules on skincare and you do not need much more than daily apple cider vinegar for daily, natural skincare! With some knowledge and skill, but you can also produce many natural cosmetics products yourself!

22. Shop seasonally

Christmas, Easter and New Year’s Eve come again every year. Decorations for the tree and greeting cards too. These are much cheaper after the party than before the party. Plan ahead and buy eg the tinsel in January and not in November. This saves you every year.

23. Buy private labels instead of brand names

Many supermarket chains produce private labels, which are usually 10 to 30 percent cheaper than branded products. Often, however, these products are made in exactly the same factories and with the same ingredients as the more expensive branded products. With house brands, you can regularly save a few dollars without sacrificing quality.

24. Rent unused rooms in your house or apartment

If you have more living space than you need, it makes sense to rent it. Either on short notice to travelers on portals such as 9flats and AirBnB, or in the longer term to subtenants. If you find the right tenants to live with, this can bring a lot of extra income to the cash register!

25. Buy non-perishable goods only on special offer

You should always buy many everyday products when they are on sale. These include: Toilet paper batteries Dishwasher tablets

26. Consume coffee wisely

If you still have a capsule coffee machine, you can save a lot of money with reusable capsules, while at the same time relieving the environment of the waste of resources associated with disposable capsules. Of course you can save even more with filter coffee. This also has the advantage that you can reuse the coffee grounds in many ways. Even with coffee on the go, there is enormous savings potential.

27. Have breakfast like an emperor

A rich breakfast gives you plenty of energy for the day and you avoid the need for larger meals during the day. The breakfast you can prepare cheap at home and do not need to buy expensive food on the way.

28. Regularly check the air pressure of your tires

Too low tire pressure increases fuel consumption by up to ten percent. In addition, the tires wear faster. That’s why you should regularly check the air pressure of your tires. A tire pressure of 0.2-0.3 bar above the standard value also saves fuel!

29. Use public transport

If you live in a place with a dense public transport network, you should use it more often and leave the car in the garage. Bus and train not only save money, but the way to the stop also keeps you slightly fitter.

30. Sell your car

In larger cities, car-sharing offers are becoming increasingly popular and for many people, a car hardly pays off. How much does your car cost you every year? Take into account not only initial costs and fuel, but also things like insurance and parking costs. How many rides can you do for the same money with a car-sharing service?

31. Save on haircutting

Haircutting takes some practice, but you do not have to cut your own. Team up with friends or family members to cut each other’s hair. Of course, this is only possible with easy-care hairstyles. For more sophisticated hairstyles or if you need a particularly good cut for a date, ask at hairdressers if models are needed. So you can get a professional cut for little money or even for free.

32. Prepare food for travel

When you travel, you should basically pack something to eat. Ideal are self-lubricated breads, but also a few apples or biscuits help you to save a lot of money. When you are on the road, the choice of providers is greatly reduced. Whether at the train station, airport or motorway service area – you almost always pay more than in the supermarket around the corner.

33. Read more and use the library

Reading is a very good way to pass the time. Far cheaper than cinema, theme parks or sporting events. There are entertaining books to suit every taste and you can learn from each book something that will help you in other life situations. Most cities also have a library with cheap annual membership. Read as many books as you want for 5 to 15 dollars a year. Most libraries now have a wide range of music, videos, magazines and computer games.

34. Borrowing instead of buying

What applies to the library can also work for utensils such as ladders and drills. In more and more cities there are also rental shops for toys, bicycle trailers and much more.

35. Build a small garden

If you have a plot, use a part for growing vegetables and fruits. There are many easy-care plants that provide you with cheap ingredients for your food. Even on the balcony or even in the apartment you can easily grow a few tomato plants or legumes such as beans or peas. You can even pull potatoes in a mortar trough. Even in winter, the cultivation of vegetables is possible with a warm raised bed.

36. Replace nutritional supplements

We are often reminded that we need to supplement our diet with additional supplements. For pills and powder, we spend a lot of money, although this is usually completely unnecessary. Rather pay attention to a balanced and varied diet. Regional alternatives too many popular super foods will also help you. You can even make certain dietary supplements yourself.

34. Give up the gym

Gym memberships are getting cheaper and cheaper, but you can save 20 € a month by integrating exercise into everyday life and doing exercises with fitness videos on YouTube.

35. Eat less meat

Meat is very expensive compared to fruits and vegetables. Many people in western countries habitually eat more meat than necessary. That’s why you can easily save a few bucks by reducing your meat consumption.

36. Compare Service Providers

For regular cost points such as electricity, gas, oil, credit and the like, a provider comparison is recommended. Many of these markets have been deregulated in recent years and vendors are battling for new customers. So, if you’ve been using the same provider for more than a year or two, it’s worth comparing. Often you do not even have to change the provider. A lucrative offer from the competition can also get your current provider to improve your terms.

37. Sharing saves a lot of money

Similar to Car Sharing, there are many other things you can use with friends or neighbors. Be it the drill, the ride or the community garden. This will save you a lot of money and ensure that resources are used optimally

38. Reuse by Recycling

Instead of just throwing away used items, you can also use them. An example of recycling is the bracelet made from an old sock for jogging. So you take your phone or MP3 player with you.

39. Tinker children’s toys together

Children’s toys are expensive and often only a few months in use. Children quickly lose patience and are always looking for new things to explore. You can save a lot of money by making toys with your children.

40. Turn kitchen waste into fertilizer quickly

Instead of buying expensive fertilizer you can also use your kitchen waste. Things like coffee grounds and egg shells can be used directly for targeted fertilization. For everything else, you can quickly and cheaply build a Bokashi bucket.

41. Repair instead of throwing away

Repairing things instead of throwing them away sounds wise. But what about items that you cannot repair yourself?

42. Turn off the TV

A very easy way to save money is to let the TV off. Not only do you save electricity, but you are also exposed to less tempting commercials. You can spend your time being more productive, training or doing sports.

43. Use your razor longer

Common razors do not last very long. They quickly cost a lot of money and produce garbage. But with this trick your razor will last for months and you can save a lot of money.

44. Use food leftovers sensibly

Every household has kitchen leftovers. However, these can often be meaningfully reused and money saved.

45. Do not waste time and invest in your education

Far too much time is spoiled today with mobile games and other entertaining activities. Use waiting times by learning something.

46. Watch your health!

Being ill is uncomfortable. Hardly noticed, however, that it can be expensive. Starting with handkerchiefs on medication to less income due to work loss. Therefore, pay attention to your health even in good times. Invest some time and effort into a healthy diet and regular exercise. In the long run, not only your body, but also your wallet will thank you!

47. Simple household cleaners made from vinegar, soda and lemon leftover

Just as an example, what these miracle remedies can do, you will find here three simple recipes for universal cleaners, which cost you only a few cents and are produced without much effort:

What are your tips? What saving tips have we forgotten? Share them in the comments!

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