The Quick 99 Tips to Save Money

Do it like the Pros: How to save in general and in the areas of car, computer, energy, money, household, travel, taxes and insurance!

Every day there are – many small savings opportunities, we don’t give much attention to. This can be the expensive furniture polish instead of grandmother’s caring favorite hazelnut, double insurance with couples or the wrong timing when going out.

Are you curious to know? Discover with us the wonderland of a frugal pro.

General Money Saving Tips

  1. It does not always have to be branded items: Even at H&M, Zara, etc., there are good no-name items – and much cheaper.
  2. Scour your stuff: What you no longer need, sell at second-hand stores, or run a private flea market.
  3. Study the classifieds of your daily or district newspaper, there are various bargains – some even made free.
  4. Discontinued models are always a cheap alternative.
  5. Inspect every bulky waste pile that “comes in contact” with you.
  6. Time for a new motto: “Repair instead of buying (new).”
  7. Borrowing instead of buying: Become a library member, after all, you only read most books once, right?
  8. Timing is everything: Take advantage of offers like “Cinema Day” or “Happy Hour”.
  9. Do not go shopping when frustrated. Otherwise, you may want to “reward” and spend more than you intended.
  10. Change your attitude to money, see it as something positive. Many people unconsciously rate money negatively and therefore want to get rid of it quickly. 11. Old-fashioned, but good: the budget book. So you can see at a glance where your money is flowing.


  1. Gasoline and diesel are cheaper at free gas stations than at brand gas stations.
  2. Check the pressure of your tires more often (when they are cold), because even a little too low tire pressure increases the fuel consumption of your car.
  3. When a red traffic light approaches, let your car roll out instead of accelerating and then braking.
  4. Underground driving reduces fuel consumption.
  5. Bike whenever possible, or walk. Not only is it free, it also keeps you fit.
  6. Have the full mileage allowance of your employer paid out and form a carpool. The money is still available to you.
  7. You can save the expensive deicer spray when sticking Tesafilm over the car lock.
  8. Refuel at the right time: Just before the start of the holiday or holidays gasoline is usually more expensive.
  9. Think ecologically – avoid short trips: put together several errands.
  10. Find a good repair shop. Often they are much cheaper for the same performance than the authorized garage of your car brand.
  11. Talk to your car insurance: You may be offered a cheaper discount because you’ve been driving accident-free for a long time, are a woman, have a garage, etc.

Computer & Internet

  1. Screensavers are a nice gimmick but cost energy. Turn off your computer if you stop using it for a long time.
  2. Devices in stand-by mode are power guzzlers! For computers like to forget: The printer, which is usually unnoticed in continuous operation. Better: use a multiple socket with on / off switch and then really turn off.
  3. Computer with DVD drive can be connected directly to a TV, so you save the DVD player.
  4. Do you rarely mail? Then open a free e-mail account with one of the countless providers.
  5. You have no flat rate? Then get used to going offline immediately after picking up the mail. Reading and answering is so much cheaper. Only to submit you choose the online status again.
  6. Used it too. In the relevant computer magazines, there are usually many classifieds, where new hardware and software is offered.
  7. Swap games with like-minded people: This is how others can watch your games while not having to buy everything new.
  8. At certain times it gets cheaper: After Christmas and after the big computer shows, computers are cheaper than before.
  9. Compare! There are a lot of sites on the Internet offering price comparisons for almost all product groups and industries.
  10. Participate in online sweepstakes.
  11. Clean up your book and CD cabinet. What you no longer like, sell online on eBay or Amazon.


  1. Get used to setting your heater down one degree. Never turn off the heating completely, Will the rooms cool down too much?
  2. Allow some space in front of each heater so that the heat can be distributed faster and better in the room.
  3. Tightening the curtains or closing the shutters in the evening will lower the heating costs.
  4. Shock ventilation: It is better to ventilate the rooms for a few minutes, then leave the windows slightly open for a long time.
  5. You do not necessarily have to walk through the apartment in a T-shirt. Wear a sweater rather than live in a “bull’s heat”.
  6. It does not always have to be a full bath, a shower does it, and you save several liters each time.
  7. If your flash has a water-saving button, use it too. If your toilet belongs to the older models, you can easily install a savings button afterwards.
  8. 60-degree laundry is just as clean at 30 degrees and in the short program.
  9. Use energy-saving lamps. Although they cost a bit more, they live up to their name. When you leave a room switch your lamp off.
  10. Do not forget the residual heat when cooking. Hotplates radiate heat for about 20 minutes, so you can spin off earlier. When cooking, always “cover” the pot so that the energy does not fizzle senseless.
  11. If you are purchasing new equipment, buy a power-saving model if possible.


  1. Avoid cashless payments – you spend more than you want. Remember how much cash you have on pocket.
  2. ​​Do not constantly overdraw your account, the interest is a hammer. Talk to the bank rather, if there is not a higher Deposit in it.
  3. Is it cheaper too? Make an online comparison to see if there is not a checking account with more favorable terms for you.
  4. Do you need a loan? Again, do not run straight to the house bank – first compare the offers. If cheaper elsewhere, ask your bank if you can’t get the same terms
  5. Magic word effective interest: This includes all ancillary costs, which you also have to pay. Only if you know him, you can really compare.
  6. Remove your debts first, which will save you a lot of money.
  7. Investors of Federal Treasury notes, financial resources and Federal bonds should let the corresponding money debited from their account by direct debit. This is free while transfers cost fees.
  8. Make use of allowances: Give your heirs an “advance” every 10 years for tax purposes. If the heir gets everything all at once, he has to pay taxes properly.
  9. Many hair salons are looking for models where apprentices can learn their trade. In that case the hairdresser’s visit is free of charge.
  10. In every major city there are “outlet stores” that offer designer fashion at reasonable prices because they are demonstration models, second-hand models or phasing out models.
  11. Throw away your bankbook! With fixed-term accounts you get significantly more interest for your money.
  12. Do you have a share deposit? Great, but do not put it all the way around – that usually means extra expenses every time.


  1. Wallpaper paste can be made by stirring rye flour into boiling water, stirring constantly.
  2. When the drain is clogged, a glass of Coke is often enough, and the train is free again.
  3. If a little salt is scattered in the liquid wax of candles, the candles burn longer.
  4. Who wets newspaper and polished so fittings, which does not need appropriate cleaning agents.
  5. Felt-tip pens can be made fit again with a five-minute vinegar bath.
  6. Who dissolves soap scraps in a glass of hot water, receives a good mild detergent.
  7. Scratches in furniture helps polish with a halved hazelnut.
  8. Copper can be cleaned with a halved onion.
  9. Laundry with gray haze is white again, if you give eggshells in well-sealed bags in the washing machine.
  10. Umbrellas last longer when fixed with hair spray now and then.
  11. Do not hesitate to use a free trial subscription: But remember exactly when you have to quit, otherwise it will be extended for a fee.


  1. Carpools are available in all major cities: How to get someone who participates in city trips on the gasoline prices. For riders, it’s also a cheap option.
  2. If it does not have to be spontaneous: Check the new train fares. The sooner you book, the more you save.
  3. Converting money in Germany is worthwhile, especially for long-distance travel.
  4. Travel checks (issued in local currency) are especially worthwhile when traveling in exotic areas.
  5. At many tourist offices there are cards with which you get hefty discounts at the resort (museums, baths, events …).
  6. Before you know it, is there any (holiday) action at your holiday destination where you will receive reductions for your children?
  7. You can save tips in Japan and China, which is frowned upon.
  8. More opportunities for public transport: Inquire about cheap (weekend) tickets in your holiday metropolis.
  9. The famous last-minute trips: flexibility saves money.
  10. Hot tip for families: If last-minute is not possible, you can also relieve the travel fund with the early-bird discounts.
  11. In the meantime, co-driving communities have been formed for train journeys – so you can additionally save as a spontaneous small group.


  1. Any tax advice, be it by book, PC program or driving to tax and tax consultants can settle.
  2. Is recognized by the authority: Anyone applying for a job must, as is known, finance application folders.
  3. Even on the way to work on foot or by bicycle, there is – even without restriction – a one kilometer flat rate.
  4. Everything that the health insurance funds do not finance may be stated.
  5. Have your donations confirmed.
  6. If furniture needs to be rebuilt, or if an apartment needs renovating because of a fire or theft that is considered an extraordinary burden – and that is deductible.
  7. If a couple uses a study room together, they may still collect double.
  8. Reading educates – says the tax office. Subscribing to journals is therefore usually supported.
  9. Do you have to be reachable by telephone after work for your employer? Prima: then your company may refund you now flat rate 20 percent of the private telephone bill including the basic fee.
  10. Do you have an antique rustic cabinet or a precious Art Nouveau chair? Put the good pieces in your office, and then you can copy it.
  11. Do you work from home? Excellent! Then you can eg set down the computer for it.

Insurance & Health

  1. If you have to cancel a medical appointment, then you should do it as soon as possible, not in any case until the date of the appointment. Because in the case doctors are entitled to demand a kind of compensation.
  2. Anyone who needs dentures should have his bridges and Co. “built” in a university hospital. This will be done by students of higher semesters, but it is also much cheaper.
  3. If possible, have your doctor prescribe massages instead of financing them out of pocket.
  4. Expensive gym fees are avoidable because some health insurance companies offer their members free fitness classes.
  5. Just recently contracted couples are often double and triple insured. Sort out unnecessary insurance.
  6. Many liability insurance companies can be deducted from the tax.
  7. Especially the legal KV’s are set narrow limits in their services. Therefore, the price comparison is well worth it: maybe it is cheaper elsewhere.
  8. Instead of expensive original preparations such as “Aspirin” do it also the generics – these are cheaper means with the same ingredient.
  9. It does not always have to be new glasses. If you own a nice piece, then just let yourself put new glasses in the old version.
  10. No false shame: If your health insurance fund pays you a check-up, take advantage of it! After all, it’s about your health.

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